Dump Trailers, Trucks & Tankers in King George, VA

For more than 35 years, Duffield Hauling, Inc. of King George has provided a superior level of service throughout Virginia and the surrounding states. Specializing in the hauling of biosolids and leachate, our locally owned company offers transportation services for federal, state, local
municipalities, commercial and industrial clients. We credit our many years of success directly to our spectacular employees and customers.

Our History

In 1978, Duffield Hauling, Inc. began its operations in Roanoke, Virginia. Our professionals offer the loading, transportation, and disposal of biosolids and sludge for your company. Our experience includes transporting and disposal of grit, screenings, and scum, as well as transporting biosolids to permitted agricultural sites for re-use and hauling dredged material to designated sites, waste and sludge to permitted landfills, and leachate to permitted disposal processing facilities, and nutrient rich water treatment residuals for reuse.
Our operations also include the transportation of ash from local power plants and even dump truck rentals to local contractors performing highway and road construction for various government, state, and local agencies.

Our Fleet

Equipped with a fleet of 50 state-of-the-art road tractors with dump trailers and liquid tankers, and dump trucks, our crew has the equipment needed to streamline your heavy-duty hauling requirements. All dump trailers are fitted with turnbuckles, sealed tailgates, and side-to-side, buckle-down tarps to ensure no leakage while hauling. We also provide GPS monitoring of the vehicles to give you peace of mind.

Our licensed and insured team has transported more than one million tons of biosolids and one million cubic yards of soil for various federal, state, and municipal projects. We are proud to be the go-to biosolid hauling company for the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, DC, and other wastewater treatment facilities in the area. We look forward to serving you!
When you need your biosolids transported, contact our hauling company at (540) 775-9400 in King George, VA.
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